1. Exhibition purpose
The purpose of the exhibition is consulting, information and sale of goods. The exhibition stand has to correspond precisely to the exhibition purpose.
2. Hiring of exhibition stands – registration
The registration represents a legally binding and irrevocable statement of intent on the part of the exhibitor to participate. Conditional registrations shall be considered invalid. Deletions, additions or amendments to the application form and in the Standard Trading Terms shall be invalid. By submitting an application, the exhibitor acknowledges the Terms and Conditions of Trade in full. The trade fair terms and conditions shall also apply analogously with regard to ancillary services e.g. additional commissioned work such as the construction and dismantling of the exhibition stand, hiring of equipment, provision of electricity, water or other services and facilities.
3. Withdrawal of the registration
TRADE FAIR TERMS AND CONDITIONSIf the registration is cancelled by the exhibitor, so the organiser is entitled to 40% of the stand rent as a cancellation fee; if any cancellation or withdrawal occurs within 8 weeks before the start of the exhibition, this special arrangement is excluded: in this case the entire booth rent is to be paid as a cancellation fee. In both cases, the cancellation fee is agreed as a compensation for damages, so a reduction of this compensation for damages, for whatever reason, is excluded.
4. 4. Terms of payment
Within 14 days after a written confirmation of the exhibition registration by the organiser, a deposit in the amount of 25% of the agreed booth cost plus VAT and the entire registration fee plus VAT is to be paid. The remaining booth costs as well as the agreed services and connections are to be paid at the latest up to 6 weeks before the beginning of the event (receipt of payment). In case of failure to pay within this period, the organiser is entitled to cancel the contract in writing and to provide the space to another exhibitor. In this case, the exhibitor shall pay a penalty fee. This is 40% of the agreed costs to 8 weeks before the event; after that the cancellation fee is 100% of the agreed cost. Even if a reallocation of the exhibition space takes place, there is no deduction of the penalty fee. After the exhibition, the exhibitor will be charged if there were additional consumption costs during the exhibition.
5. Stand design - construction - dismantling - advertising
The design of the stands on the exhibition place is a responsibility of the exhibitor. The height of the booths is limited to 250 cm; in order to exceed the height the exhibitor requires the written allowance of the organiser. The prescribed stand height shall not be exceeded by any company signs, banners, etc. This also applies for the walkways and the areas in front of the stands. The construction of the stands and their dividing walls is to be made in accordance with the instructions of the organiser and the construction plans. Any own stand constructions and decorations must invariably conform to the applicable building and fire regulations. Electrical installations must be checked and have to be approved by the hall electrician. The extension of the basic construction on your own is not permitted.
The stand construction must be completed no later than at 8:00 a.m. clock at the first exhibition day otherwise the organiser has the right to reallocate the space. Even if the exhibition space was not used until that date by the exhibitor, the obligation to pay the rent remains in force.
If the stand construction is not finished on time, the organiser is authorized to order the vacation of the space area at the expense and risk of the exhibitor.
Advertising outside the exhibition booth is only permitted with the explicit permission of the organiser.
6. Sales of food for immediate consumption
The exhibitor is allowed to sale of food for immediate consumption only with the prior written consent of the organiser. If the exhibitor violates this rule, he is required to pay a penalty fee of € 200 per m2 of the rented space per day. The penalty is to be paid regardless the proof of any fault or and the right of mitigation by court is excluded. The claim for compensation for damages remains reserved.
7. Exhibition spaces – subletting
Once the organiser receives the completed contract to exhibit, the exhibitor shall be bound to take the stand allocated, to occupy it at all times when the exhibition hall is open to visitors and to pay all the charges in respect of the stand and otherwise comply with all the exhibitor's obligations. The dismantling of the stand during the exhibition or before the end of the event is prohibited. The exhibitor may not sublet or hand over its allocated stand space (even not partially) to any other companies. This is only possible with the prior written consent of the organiser.
8. Cleaning
The cleaning of the common parts of the exhibition area is carried out by the organiser. The cleaning of the allocated stands is carried out by the exhibitor.
9. Insurance
The organiser accepts no liability whatsoever for loss or damage to exhibition goods or stand equipment brought or left behind by the exhibitor. The organiser is not obliged to enter into any insurance agreements of any kind. The organiser shall accept no liability for vehicles parked at the fair venue by the exhibitors, their employees or agents. For their part, the exhibitors shall be liable for any damage to persons or property caused by themselves, their employees or agents, or by their exhibition goods or equipment. During construczion and dismantling time, every exhibitor shall be obliged to exercise an increased degree of vigilance towards the security of his goods. The organiser shall be held to be non-actionable for damages. The exhibitor is liable for the damage caused by him, his servants, employees, agents or visitors damage of any kind with respect to this he indemnify the organiser and has held harmless.
10. Police fire protection regulations
The exhibition will be picked. The fire police tolerates no particular polystyrene and no other flammable objects (carpets, curtains and decorative materials), unless they are impregnated with a fire retardant. Fire extinguishing installations and walkways shall be kept clear at all times. Packaging material shall not be stored in the booths and walkways.
11. Special requests
Additional requests are possible according to the offer list. Telephone lines shall be possible in return for payment of a fee for connection and use. Electrical facilities and installations must conform to the event regulations and conditions. A power connection of the booth or of the billboard to the power grid of the event building shall only be provided by a qualified specialist authorised by the organiser. The accumulated electricity consumption will be charged separately per kWh. Installations can be performed only after obtaining approval from the competent responsible electrician.
12. Rejection of the application
The organiser shall be entitled to cancel the allocation of site (admission to the fair, acceptance of the offer) if the exhibitor fails to perform his payment obligations on time, or debt restructuring, bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings have in the meantime been commenced or have become pending with respect to the exhibitor, or outstanding debts from previous fairs are still unpaid, or the exhibits do not or no longer correspond to the subject of the fair.
In addition, the organiser shall be entitled to reject any application without giving any reasons. An exhibitor shall not be granted any legal rights for admission to further events by being issued a one-time approval to this event. As far as if it is necessary in the interests of the event, the organiser is entitled, even if this differs from a confirmation already sent, to allocate the exhibitor a different position in another area,to alter the size and dimensions of his stand and to make constructional changes of the stand. If for whatever reason the organiser is unable to provide the originally allocated stand, the exhibitor shall only be entitled to a claim for repayment of the stand rent actually paid. Further claims, in particular to indemnity for loss or damage, are excluded.
13. Filming and photography
The organiser has the right to photograph and film within the fair hall and to use such material for his own or for general publications. In this regard, the exhibitor waives all rights to object arising under laws relating to the legal protection of commercial property, in particular copyright law and the right of complaint to the Office of Fair Trading (UWG).
14. Data protection
The exhibitor grants his explicit approval that the data provided to the organiser can be processed and transferred automatically.
15. Special events
All special events, music performances, presentations of any kind etc. at the stands or in the fair hall shall require the organiser`s written consent. Despite having already granted consent, the organiser shall be entitled to restrict or forbid presentations that cause noise, dirt, dust, exhaust fumes and the like, or impair the ordinary progress of the fair in any other disturbing manner.
16. Amendments - subsidiary agreements
All amendments and subsidiary agreements to this contract only become binding with our written confirmation.
17. Infringement of the exhibition conditions, infringement of
the law
The infringement of and/or failure to comply with the fair conditions, the contractual agreements and the infringement of legal regulations, shall entitle the organiser to close and clear the allocated fair stand at the exhibitor‘s expense without judicial process. Instructions and orders issued by the organiser or his agents shall be complied with by the exhibitor, his staff and agents without exception.
18 Change of the exhibition place and date
If the exhibition cannot take place due to force majeure, strike, political events or any other reasons concerning public health (e.g. epidemics), the organiser has the right to demand 25% of the space rental fee as compensation for costs, insofar as the execution of the event is not cancelled more than 8 weeks before the start of the event; after that the organizer of the event can demand 40% of the space rental fee. In case of cancellation of the event more than 3 months prior to the event, no costs can be demanded. In case that the event will be postponed, extended or relocated the exhibitor is not entitled to demand any compensation.
19. Right of lien
The organiser shall enjoy, with respect to all outstanding debts of whatever kind, a contractual and statutory right of lien on all objects and exhibition equipment brought to the stand by the exhibitor. Should the right of lien be invoked, the objects and equipment may be taken from the stand by the organisers and shall stored at the exhibitor‘s expense and risk.
20. General provisions, court and place of jurisdiction
Austrian law shall apply exclusively. The court and place of jurisdiction shall be Vienna for both parties. No animals are allowed in the exhibition hall.
The invalidity of individual provisions of theses Standard Terms of Business and the Exhibition Conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.
The present Standard Terms of Business and the Exhibition Conditions also apply to any other agreements regarding the exhibition between the participant at the exhibition and the organiser. Communication can be send validly to the exhibitor’s last known address.